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What Your Body Shape Says About Your Health

I'm not sure when people started comparing women's bodies to fruit. Apple, pear, banana, and strawberry are great ingredients for a smoothie but how helpful are these classifications for our bodies?

It turns out, not very.

You can be healthy regardless of what fruit your body resembles. However, there are certain health trends research shows are more common among certain body types. Keep in mind these are just trends about body shape, not absolute facts.

So if you're wondering whether your body type puts you at risk of certain health conditions, keep reading. Here is what your body type says about your health.


If you are apple-shaped your shoulders are broader than your hips but you may not have a defined waistline. You are generally well-proportioned but may have a larger chest.

You can have an apple shape and be very healthy. However, apple-shaped women are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (even if they have a BMI under 25) and a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes. The reason is that fat storage in the midsection can affect your metabolism and blood sugar levels.

There is nothing wrong with being apple-shaped. But making healthy eating and exercise decisions can help manage the risk of heart disease and other health complications.


If you are pear-shaped you have larger hip/waist/leg measurements relative to your upper body. It can be difficult to reduce body size in these areas, especially for women. But it turns out that's a good thing!

Pear-shaped women have better heart health than any other body shape. Again, I want to stress there is nothing wrong with any of these body types! If you take good care of yourself you are on the right path regardless of body shape or size.


This shape is also called an inverted triangle. It usually means that you have large breasts relative to your midsection and lower body.

Many people assume that larger breasts increase the risk of breast cancer but that theory is unproven. Breast density, not size, is associated with breast cancer risk.


Banana-shaped (also called ruler-shaped) is reserved for those that have a thin frame and fewer curves. You may be surprised to learn that this body type does not inherently mean better health.

In fact, some women that are banana-shaped have higher body fat content than other body types. However, there are no known risks with being banana-shaped either.

Body Shape and Health

I wanted to explore the relationship between body type and health because many women seem to be unhappy with their fruit type. Was there a reason to be dissatisfied? Or was it another example of women putting unnecessary and unhealthy body standards on their weight and shape?

I concluded that for the most part, body shape is not an accurate predictor of health outcomes. So I urge you to let go of the judgment surrounding body shape and focus on health instead.

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