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Wellness Trends 2021 - What to Expect in the New Year

With 2020 coming to a close there are many health and wellness trends to reflect on. The continuing popularity of keto diets and intermittent fasting as well a boost in mental health care needs given the challenges of the global pandemic - just to name a few.

But what can we expect with a new year on the horizon? What have we learned this year about caring for ourselves and others in a holistic way?

Read below to find out what experts are saying about next year's health and wellness trends.

1. An Intersection of Healthcare and Wellness

All I have to say on this topic is, thank goodness! It's about time we realized that health care is about the whole self, not just curing each isolated health issue.

I recently joined a network of wellness providers via DaoCloud. It's a site that allows people to find wellness practitioners to support healthy lifestyle choices. This is a perfect example of how primary care and wellness care are connecting in a meaningful way.

As a society, we have started to learn that being healthy is far more than being free of disease. And in 2021, we will see that medical professionals are taking this idea to the next level. Referrals to wellness specialists and holistic practitioners will rise dramatically, hopefully for the benefit of everyone involved.

2. More Time in Nature

Have you noticed more people going for walks on the street or at the park? COVID-19 made it more appealing to get outside and get a healthy dose of nature.

In 2021 travel may still be limited. Therefore, many individuals and families will choose to go hiking and camping instead.

Nature provides a soothing environment to reduce stress and improve overall mood. So why not commit to more time in the great outdoors next year?

3. Sleep Health Finally Gets Some Attention

As you know if you've read any of my previous blogs, I am a huge proponent of getting good sleep.

And this year my obsession with sleep health will be validated! Recovery and rest are going to be a big priority for physical and mental health next year. You'll see an increase in sleep-aid supplements and sleep tracker technology you can use at home.

4. The Intuitive Eating Revolution

Okay, maybe it's not-so-revolutionary, but it's a big leap for traditional diet culture. Intuitive eating is exactly what it sounds like - eat foods that make you feel good and avoid those that don't.

It's a very basic moderation-based diet that encourages individuals to eat based on their own intuition. We have all become so knowledgeable about gluten-free, low-fat, keto-friendly foods that we have forgotten how to just listen to our own bodies.

And if a low-carb or Celiac-friendly diet makes you feel good, keep it up! But if it leaves you feeling hungry and bored with your diet, mix in something else. The whole purpose of intuitive eating is to become more patient and friendly with your food choices and to quit stressing about all the rules.

5. Self-Care and Self-Monitored Screen Time

The work from home boom has created a need for specific self-care techniques. People have been finding it hard to create a work-life balance when everything occurs in the same physical space.

Taking time away from work to be with family, to exercise, or to relax are going to continue to be top-of-mind for the working folks out there.

And on top of those self-care activities will be a self-enforced limit on screentime. Binging television and movies was fun for a few weeks (or months) but now it seems like all we do is look at screens.

Young people especially have proclaimed that they want to limit their screentime for mental health reasons. Who knows how many of us will actually be able to execute this goal, but it's worth a try.

Look Out 2021, Here We Come

The prospect of a new year is exciting. There is so much potential in the unknown months ahead.

I hope that we can continue to see an awareness and feel an appreciation for our health and wellbeing next year.

Stay tuned for next week's article all about New Year's resolutions!

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