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Is Working With a Health Coach Right for Me?

Would working with a health coach help you? Find out by answering these questions!

Health coaching is a relatively recent phenomenon. Previously, doctors and nurses would help people make better decisions regarding their health. They would encourage patients to eat better, sleep more, and exercise. But as we know from the dramatic rise in obesity and chronic disease this approach probably isn't working.

But what if you are someone that is relatively healthy but needs help losing a few pounds or eating fewer snacks? Would a health coach be a worthwhile investment?

Here are some of the most common problems I help clients with. If you fit one of these profiles, consider booking an appointment with me!

1. I have tried every diet but I never stick with it for long enough to see results or maintain results.

Sound familiar? That's because tons of people struggle with this same issue. Start a diet, get hungry, break the diet. Repeat.

Or maybe you've had some success with a particular diet and you cycle through being on it and off it. This pattern can still be emotionally exhausting.

How would a health coach help?

A health coach will help you recognize why those diets weren't sustainable. They will help you find strategies for eating or exercise or your environment that are easier to maintain. They will take into account your personality and lifestyle when making suggestions. They will help you make progress and stay accountable for your plan.

2. I feel like I live pretty healthy but I can't lose weight

If you already have a healthy lifestyle it can be frustrating to feel like your work is not leading to results. Sometimes it's hard to identify what the potential issues might be.

How would a health coach help?

Your health coach can be a data analyst. They can collect facts from you to discover the most likely culprits of your lack of progress. The health coach is a partner and experienced health and wellness professional which puts them in a unique position to identify underlying problems and coach you towards solutions.

3. I feel totally hopeless when it comes to food choices

People tend to blame their own willpower when they can't stay away from the second plate of food or can't bring themselves to exercise. But the truth is that it's far more complicated than that. There are personal and environmental factors to consider.

How would a health coach help?

A health coach can help you identify the patterns, habits, and attitudes obstructing your success. They will work with you to make meaningful changes you never thought were possible. Over time they will coach you towards autonomy over your choices and your health. They can help you set realistic short-term and long-term goals.

4. I know what to do but can't seem to do it

This is a very common issue not only with health and wellness but with everything in life.

I know I want to quit smoking but I can't do it.

I know I want to spend more time with family but can't seem to make it work with my schedule.

I know I want to learn a new language but I haven't done it.

We all have good intentions and sometimes we have a clear vision of what we want to do to get healthier. But once it comes to following through, we struggle or we succeed only from time to time.

How would a health coach help?

A health coach is an expert in behavior and habit change. You have the ability to make changes especially if you already know what behaviors or habits you want to change.

When you work with a health coach you will explore tangible solutions. What exact steps will you need to take to get to your goal? A health coach can help you figure that out!

5. I've never felt confident in my body and wish I could change that

Unfortunately, most women don't feel good about the body they have. But it's not an inevitable part of being a woman. If you feel like you have never appreciated your body or your health, you're not alone - but it doesn't mean it's a healthy outlook on life or yourself.

How would a health coach help?

A health coach is not a therapist. But they do know about health and body image. Personally, I have dealt with many of these confidence and body image issues. It took me years to develop a better relationship with my appearance. As a health coach, I help women find the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. I work with them to identify the important measurements of health.

Book an Exploratory Session!

Did these situations seem relatable? Do you think maybe a health coach could help you? Great!

Still not sure? You can book a free intro session with me and ask as many questions as you want! Or contact me with questions!

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