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How to Have a Healthy Summer: Summer Weight Loss, Exercise, and Feeling Your Best

Summer is here! And some of you might be wishing you had made a bigger effort to get healthier before bathing suit season. But fear not - I have tips for you to enjoy your summer while feeling your best!

I want to dispel the idea that 6 weeks before summer we should start dieting or exercising.

First, it probably won't work. Second, any progress you make will likely be temporary. Third (and most importantly) it's a dangerous mindset to swing from very healthy habits to very unhealthy habits - and that's usually the outcome of the "6 weeks to your perfect beach body" type of regimen.

You can have a healthy summer without severe restriction. And you can experience summer weight loss if that's a part of your goal to becoming a healthier, happier you.

I want to share ideas for feeling good and making healthy choices throughout the summer. So, here we go!

1. Load Up on Fruit

Watermelon tastes better in warm weather - it's a fact. And there are plenty of other fruits that also just taste better when it's hot outside. So, whether you're shopping for snacks or a side dish for a barbeque, buy some fruit!

Fruit has lots of water and very few calories, so you can have large helpings without feeling guilty. Try freezing cherries, grapes, and blueberries to snack on or to add to a mocktail this summer.

You don't need a special summer diet to lose weight or feel better. But eating plenty of fruit can help you avoid those unhealthier foods that might leave you feeling too full and bloated.

2. Plan Active Activities

You can socialize and be healthy. Not all gatherings have to revolve around eating and drinking. And if you plan the event yourself, you can plan something active.

Consider asking your friends to go on a hike or go swimming. Plan a trip to try a new water sport or grab a frisbee and head to the park. And if you do find yourself in a difficult social eating situation, read these tips.

3. Get Creative at The Grill

Summertime means grilling! But there are plenty of healthy grilling options to substitute for the classic burger and hot dog menu. You can grill tons of fruits and vegetables - corn, bell peppers, watermelon, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and peachers are some of my personal favorites.

For proteins, you can grill chicken or veggie burgers as lighter alternatives to burgers or steaks.

4. Drink Water

I talk about hydration a lot, but it's even more important when it's hot outside. Staying hydrated is good for your skin and can help regulate your body temperature when it's hot.

Keep a bottle of cold water with you at all times. Drink seltzer water or water with fresh fruit as an alternative to alcoholic drinks which can actually dehydrate you.

5. Make Some Exceptions (Not too many)

It's okay to make some healthy eating exceptions for special occasions. But I think we need to be mindful of what constitutes an exception and a special occasion.

Not every Friday night can be a special occasion. If you make eating exceptions too often it can interfere with weight loss progress and make you feel bad.

Pick and choose your special occasions carefully. And instead of giving yourself a free pass to eat and drink whatever you want for the entire event - start with a smaller exception like a piece of cake or a couple of glasses of champagne.

Have a Healthy Summer!

This is the year that you have a healthy summer, make progress on your weight loss journey, and feel good about how you look.

Think about these 5 small tips for a healthier summer. Give them a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

Feel like you need more guidance on summer weight loss or healthy year-round habits? Hire a health coach! I can help you create personalized solutions to reach your health and wellness goals.

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