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Healthiest Cookies and Cookie Alternatives

It's a tale as old as time - you're trying to lose weight but you also want to eat cookies.

As far as I'm concerned any sustainable diet plan has room for sweet treats like cookies and candy, but that assumes that you're able to eat them in moderation.

Is there a way to keep eating cookies and still lose weight? Is there a way to eat cookies without feeling guilty?


Check out these 5 healthy cookie/cookie alternative options

1. Lenny & Larry’s Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

Peanut butter and chocolate - need I say more? This cookie has 16 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.

It has no dairy, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial sweeteners.

2. Emmy’s Lemon Ginger Macaroons

These tasty treats are sweetened with coconut oil and agave nectar. Each macaroon is only 100 calories and 5 grams of sugar.

You can find these cookies at health food stores or buy them online.

3. Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks

The graham cracker is just a poorly named cookie. It's made up of many of the same ingredients and is usually found in the same aisle as the cookies.

Back to nature honey graham sticks will satisfy your craving for something sweet without the guilt. It's 130 calories per 14 pieces so you get plenty of bites for not so many calories.

4. Rickaroons

These are marketed as "coconut energy bars", but like, they're cookies.

Natural sweeteners and dark chocolate make these cookies a healthier option for dessert of a midday pick-me-up. You can find rickaroons at health stores or online.

5. Annie's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Is there anything better than a warm chocolate chip cookie? I think not.

Annie's chocolate chip cookies are each 65 calories, so you can enjoy two or three without breaking the bank on daily calories. They have less than 8 grams of sugar making them one of the healthiest chocolate chip cookies on the market.

Lose Weight, Keep Eating Cookies

Enjoy these healthier cookie options on your weight loss journey.

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