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Get Fit From Home: The Top 4 Fitness Apps for Beginners

There are tons of health and fitness apps to choose from. But instead of spending your time comparing and contrasting features from every single one, just read this article.

Below are the top 4 fitness apps if you are new to fitness or want to explore the world of fitness technology.

1. MyFitness Pal

It's free, easy to use, and has diet and exercise tracking features. MyFitness Pal is great for beginners because it incorporates all your statistics in one place.

You can log your meals with their large food database or label scanning tool. They also have food items from popular restaurants listed for easy tracking when you're eating away from home.

MyFitness Pal now offers online workout videos too! So if you are currently working out from home, these are perfect for any fitness level.

2. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

You don't need much time or any money for this fitness app. Daily Workout Fitness Trainer is a free workout app with hundreds of exercises built into short, 5-10 minute sessions.

This is a great app if you're new to working out and want to familiarize yourself with the basic moves for each body part. The app features targeted exercises for your back, butt, arms, abs, or total body.

Complete one 10-minute workout, or string together 2 or 3 if you have the time!

3. Streaks

Looking for a fitness app for your apple watch? Try Streaks! It can help you stick to your basic fitness goals along with your other healthy habits.

If you already have a fitness goal - walk 5,000 steps, run 3 days a week, go to yoga every Thursday, you can use Streaks to motivate and encourage you. Each time you meet your goal, you add to your streak!

Beyond fitness, you can measure streaks of other good habits like eating vegetables or watching less television.

Check out the app here.


If you have a good sense of humor and like to be entertained while you work out, try CARROT fit. The app features a 7 minutes of hell workout that will challenge you and make you laugh.

CARROT syncs with your Apple device and is easy to use. It offers rewards when you successfully complete workouts. You can use it to track your weight - but be warned, CARROT can be snarky if you gain or lose weight too quickly.

It's a fun app if you enjoy this sense of humor, if not, try one of the other options.

Top 4 Fitness Apps for Beginners

These are 4 very unique fitness apps. Check them out and see which one is right for you. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to fitness apps, so don't force yourself into one that you don't like.

Good luck with your new fitness app, and have fun!

And if you want to learn more about healthy weight loss, behavior change, and fitness trends, subscribe to the blog!

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