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Introducing Chaston Health and Wellness

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This is my first ever blog post. The goal of this blog is to share relatable, meaningful health and wellness content for those of us with the best intentions but a tumultuous relationship with our personal health.

It is hard to be healthy in the modern world, and a lot of the information and advice out there is just not realistic given our values, environment, and priorities. I want to offer practical advice, personal anecdotes and motivational content that is no-nonsense and rooted in reality.

I have an educational background in public health and am a certified health coach and personal trainer, but most of all I love to talk to others about all things nutrition, health, and fitness.

I believe that everyone's healthiest self looks and feels different and that there is no single way to live your best life, but everyone deserves to pursue a life that will bring them longevity and joy.

The journey to better health starts with a single step and I encourage you to let me help you find not only that first step, but a path forward to your ideal body, exercise routine, or healthy lifestyle.

Cheers to starting new challenges, taking chances, and pursuing passions!

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