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One-on-one health coaching to inspire and motivate change


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We will work together to identify your ideal self and how to get you there. Through coaching sessions, you will learn how to build healthy habits and get rid of unhealthy ones. You will develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that you can feel at peace with the way you look and feel. Get started with a system that actually works.

Why me?

For years I was unhappy with the way I looked and my overall body composition. I was willing to try any diet or exercise plan that promised results but ultimately every strategy I tried failed - leaving me feeling hopeless, guilty, and disappointed. I resorted to unhealthy, disordered eating and exercise habits and became obsessed with my weight on the scale. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and fed up. 

When I discovered health coaching I realized that there is so much more to health and fitness than eating salads and jogging. Achieving your ultimate health goals is a journey that involves learning about yourself, your habits, and what you can do to overcome the things that have gotten in your way in the past when trying to lose weight or improve your overall health. My own personal experiences coupled with my education allow me to guide you through this journey and help you overcome barriers and celebrate success along the way.

I am a certified personal trainer and health coach with a Master's degree in public health and 6+ years experience in the health and wellness industry.  I am a Boston Marathon qualifier and have competed in more than 10 marathons in the last 8 years. I have helped clients of different ages establish, work toward, and ultimately achieve their weight-loss, strength, or athletic performance goals. 

If you want to get started on your health journey or just want to learn more about my health coaching services, you can book a FREE 30-minute health coaching session.


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